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The Atlas DNA test is one of the most comprehensive screens on the market today. You’ll get personalised information about:


All you have to do is to spit in the tube and our laboratory will do the rest. First, we will make sure your sample is valid, then check gene variants and interpret the data. We will then contact you once your report is ready.


Health Risks

  • Carrier status for 327 hereditary conditions, like cystic fibrosis

  • Genetic predisposition to 19 complex conditions like high blood pressure, obesity, and type II diabetes



  • Caffeine metabolism

  • Genetic predisposition to elevated or reduced concentrations of micronutrients in the body

  • Food intolerances to things like alcohol, lactose, and gluten

  • We’ll give you personalised food recommendations based on our results



  • Your body’s ability to produce energy and metabolise nutrients

  • Genetic risk of sports-related injuries



  • Ethnic heritage

  • Paternal and maternal haplogroups

  • Ratio of Neanderthal genes


12 Personal Traits

  • Everything from body odour to early grey hair

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