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Paternity Testing in Ghana

Peace-of-mind Test

Peace-of-mind DNA paternity test is  for your personal information. This very accurate DNA test employs DualProcess technology. You will receive the report usually in 5-7 working days.

Legal Paternity Test

Legal paternity test is suitable for any legal proceeding including immigration purposes. Identities of tested persons are verified and result is fully legally  defensible

Prenatal Paternity Test

Prenatal paternity test is non-invasive DNA test from blood sample of the pregnant mother. This test is 100% safe for the mother and her baby. Test can be done from 9th week of pregnancy.




The Paternity DNA Test will determine if a man is the biological father of a child. Because DNA is inherited equally from mother and father, DNA paternity test is able to determine whether the alleged father IS or IS NOT the biological father.  DNA result report will provide a probability whether tested individuals are biologically related. Depending on the type of the analyzed sample and complexity of particular case, the results will be more than 99.999% accurate. 


HOME DNA PATERNITY TEST - If you do not want to come all the way to us in Accra to have your samples collected and want to receive home DNA kit to collect buccal (saliva) samples from the mouth of tested individuals yourself than request our Home Sample Collection Kit.


NEWBORN BABY DNA TEST - as our test is non-invasive and using state-of-art DNA methods, we can do the paternity test on newborn baby or child of any age without any restriction. Sample collection is absolutely painless and safe. Collecting the buccal (saliva) sample doesn't cause any harm to the newborn baby.

This paternity test is recommended if you want to confirm the biological paternity strictly for your own knowledge. The whole process of sample collection doesn't take more then 30 minutes.


You do not have to provide the mother's sample to get accurate results.


Before ordering DNA paternity test for your own knowledge, please consider the Legal DNA Test if you believe the results will ever be used for more than just personal knowledge — this way, you won't have to purchase another test in the future.




Legal Paternity Test can be performed to prove paternity for legal purposes, such as Will, Inheritance, Child Support, Immigration Visa or Court ProceedingsLegal DNA Paternity Test requires Chain-of-Custody process for results to be admissible at the Court of Law or other government authorities. Samples are collected by trained and fully certified sample collector or nurse at our facility in Accra or at one of our collection sites worldwide. All tested persons will need to provide national photo ID (passport, voter's ID, birth certificate) and current passport-size photo to be identified.

We provide legal and immigration paternity tests for US Embassy, USCIS, British High Commission, HM Passport Office, UK Home Office, Ghana Courts and many other embassies and government agencies.

UK Ministry of Justice DNA Testsing Services
UK Home Office DNA Tests
USCIS DNA Testsing Services
CIC DNA Testsing Services

If you are not sure which test or what documentation you need, please contact us on 0540-990799 to talk to our Case Manager who will explain everything.




Using the most advanced NGS technology, we can now perform Paternity Test during the Pregnancy as early as at 9th week of pregnancy from the maternal blood sample and cheek swab of the alleged father. This test is absolutely safe for mother and the baby. Test usually takes 2-3 weeks, but you can choose express processing for extra fee.

In certain cases we can offer the Gender Test along side the paternity test to determine the gender of the unborn child.

Since this is probably your first DNA test, and every situation is unique, we highly recommend you to call us at 0302-932267 or 0540-990799 first to ensure you get the test that's right for you.

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