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SpermCheck Test & FertileCheck Gel available in Ghana | When trying to conceive

FertileCheck Fertility Gel -  when trying to conceive (6 applicators included)

Fertility Gel is a transparent gel with hyaluronic acid, which optimizes the natural balance of the vagina and naturally supports fertility. The hyaluronic acid preserves sperm mobility and provides improved conditions for sperm during a woman's fertile phase. Call us on 0540990799 to find out more about female FertileCheck Fertility Gel.

SpermCheck Male Fertility Test - accurate sperm count in 10 minutes

SpermCheck® Fertility is a male home fertility test that indicates normal or low sperm count. SpermCheck® Fertility is very accurate test and gives you clear results in the privacy of your own home in 10 minutes. If you are trying for baby, the SpermCheck® Fertility home test kit can help you avoid unnecessary, time consuming and expensive fertility testing. Call us on 0540990799 to find out more about male SpermCheck® Fertility test.

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